Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Recommended Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Facility

When chosing the best Alzheimer's or Dementia care facility to send your parents or loved ones, it's not only important to chose a facility with great recognition, services and special needs, but it's also important to pick a facility recommeneded by others.

We get recommendations in various way from word-of-mouth to industry professionals recommendations. But nowadays we can also get recommendations from online review sites like Yelp, other senior health care bloggers given their personal opinion, or even asking those that stay at the facility what they think.

Whether you are getting your recommendation from your best friend in the same scenario as you or from several yelpers or Tweeters, you should still always confirm those recommendations yourself.

Find out if what others are saying is true, afterall you can't trust everybody and we all have different perspectives and opinions. This not only goes for elderly care, but also applies to day care, child care, inhome services providers, resturants and more... But if a facility have many bad recommendations or a plethora of bad reiews, maybe you could save yourself the time from checking them out.

What's most important is TRUST, and trust that they provide the exact services your are looking for with professionalism and love. Because afterall you are sending your loved ones there.

Recommending a Memory Loss Facility

I recommend ActivCare Living. They have mulitple locations, certified, and experienced professinonals, personal recommendations, friendly environments, top notch services and many great reviews. To top it off, they offer;
  • 3 Healthy Meals a Day
  • R.N. Case Management
  • Escorting to/from meals and activities
  • 24-hour activity program specially designed for those with Memory Loss
  • Assistance with Bathing, Grooming & Dressing
  • Housekeeping & Laundry Service
  • Medical Help

So if you happen to be looking for a memory loss home to send your loved one, try this one first (or last). It'd probably be your favorite.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Little Lamb Land Christian Child Care Website Updated!

We've updated our child care website (

Thanks to Capernaum Marketing, we have a new, very nice looking website we want to share with everybody. We liked the website they built for us 7 years ago. But as time flies, design has to keep up with it. The site they just built for Little Lamb Land Christian Preschool is exactly what we wanted. They even built a blog within it, so we will be shifting our blog and updates there. We're not saying this is our last post here at BlogSpot. We're just letting our readings know, we'll be blogging more at our main website.

Parents will be able to get the latest information and news, and potential parents will be able to see how awesome our preschool really is.

Capernaum Marketing is also the company that has helped our website rank #1 for "christian preschools" and #2 for "preschool in san diego" (among many other terms) on Google. They are a great web design AND SEO company.

Thanks again Capernaum!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tips to Winning a Birh Defects Lawsuit

If you had a baby born with a birth defect, check out this blog post at Birth Defect Settlement called; "Winning a Birth Defects Case". Parents, get compensated ASAP!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Profile Limousines - San Diego Corporate Sedan Services

Profile Services provides the leading standard in quality executive limo services. They believe every trip represents Profile Services; clients that choose their services soon become return customers. They provide an array of car services suitable for any event, location and time.

Airport Services

Profile Services excels in airport pickup and drop-off services. They are directly linked with the FAA for real time airport flight tracking. Utilize the efficiency having someone greet you upon arrival, assist with luggage, and drive to your destination. They offer on-time every-time airport sedan service at all major airports in the United States and some worldwide. With their e-Reservation Center manage and book reservations, view billing history and update your profile online. Make one call to Profile Services and a car will be conveniently standing-by at each of your destinations.

Nationwide Services

Not only do they provide car services in San Diego, they have professionally trained chauffeurs and cars in all major cities of the world. Their nationwide car service pick-ups and drop-offs are available to chauffeur you anywhere safely and discreetly. Their drivers have intimate familiarity with the layout, logistics and traffic patterns of the area to ensure you are on-time; every-time. They provide services from SAN San Diego all the way to JFK New York.

Tradeshows & Conventions

As a company with several employees attending a trade show or convention, hire a respected limousine company that understands your need for convenience and reliability in this time-managed business world. Profile Services’ reputation ensures you with the confidence in picking a reliable company that can only enhance the events' productivity.

Limousine Services

Let Profile Services provide a stretch limousine for a mobile office or your wedding day. They have 3 limousine sizes ranging from 6 to 10 passengers. Their stretch limousines are perfect for corporate events, airport pickup, business travel, weddings, night clubbing, wine tours and more. Profile Services strive to develop long-term relationships with their clients and want to be their clients’ luxury transportation service provider now and in the future.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

New Hope for the Unemployed by John Mattes

In October the national unemployment rate hit 10.3% this equates to approximately over 15 million Americans left jobless, many with little hope of returning to work in the near future. However perhaps there is hope out there a hope that has yet to be revealed.

INVESTIGATIVE GUY John Mattes has uncovered a federal program designed to give free gas cards to the unemployed but is a secret to those it's designed to help. The U.S. Labor Department provides millions of dollars in supportive services to the states for the unemployed. The program in some areas provides free gas cards, child care assistance and even pays for job interview clothing -- but the program has never been publicized so the unemployed don't know it exists or how to ask for it.

More info at
Press Release:

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Little Beetle Organic Cotton Learners - Your Little One's First Pants

It is necessary for infants, especially newborns; to wear diapers at all times in order to deal with their accidents. However choosing the right diaper is very important and often overlooked. We also can't forget how often they must be changed. Regular diaper changing can avoid skin irritations such as diaper rash, itching and bad odors. Babies are known to have extremely sensitive skin and using the wrong diaper products can sometimes lead to skin irritations.

Many diaper products may contain harsh chemicals that could be harmful on your baby's skin. That's why some parents prefer to use a cloth as an alternative to plastic diapers. Some parents find that cloth diapers are better than regular baby diapers, not only because they are cheaper but because they are made of fabric material so it is safer to use. However, not all cloth diapers are made of the same fabric material. It is important to choose the best cloth diaper that is not too rough or harsh on your baby's skin. We must also consider that it cannot be too thin and that it is able to absorb wetness.

Cloth diapers are a great alternative to plastic diapers for babies however when it comes to toddlers the clipped diapers are not suitable they need something different and more grown up. You can still use a baby diaper and hide it by wearing colorful pants to keep them look better according to their age. However, you can find a lot of products available in the market today that serve as an alternative to a baby diaper or ordinary underpants. The Little Beetle Organic Cotton Learners, made by Better for Babies, are made of 100% Certified Organic Fair-Trade Cotton designed for toddlers ages 1 to 3.

Learners are made of 3 layers. The first 2 layers are called the soft and thirsty organic cotton velour and the 3rd layer is found at the center which is the wet zone. Your baby can wear the Learners as it is because of its playful appearance. The Little Beetle Organic Cotton Learners, also function as a diapering system and have the ability to absorb wetness. These training pants are 100% natural fiber and because they don't have PUL or synthetic waterproof layer, these are proven safe to babies with sensitive skin. Learners are pull up designed which enables the children to manage by themselves easily while its side snaps make it easy for parents to remove the training pants in the event of a larger accident.

Learners are available in 3 playful colors: Earthy Orange, Elemental Blue and Willow Green. Each color has its different sizes for babies from 1 - 3 years plus of age.

The Little Beetle Organic Cotton Learners are your baby's first training pants that will help make your little ones transformation from diapers to underwear smooth, comfortable and fashionable.

At Global Enfant you will find all the organic & natural cloth diapers, cloth diaper covers, and cloth diapering accessories you need to keep your little one dry and safe. Global Enfant also carriers a huge variety of Organic Baby Products.


San Diego is home to many wonderful beaches and beach communities. Depending on what you are looking for each beach community is unique and offers its own attractions. Below are some of the most popular beaches as well as their locations along the coast. San Diego beaches are great to visit any time of year due to their beautiful sunrises and sunsets and year round gorgeous climate.

Perhaps the most popular and most frequented beach in San Diego is Mission Beach which is home to Belmont Park a small amusement park located right next to the ocean. It is located just south of Pacific Beach and has a long stretch of boardwalk next to the ocean where people walk, ride bikes, skateboard, jog, and roller blade. The two mile paved walkway lies between the beach and beach front properties and hotels. There are many choices for eating and many activities to partake in on the beach itself including volleyball, surfing or any activity you can come up with.

The beach is totally free and includes all the usual amenities such as restrooms, picnic tables, life guards and picnic areas. Due to recent laws alcohol is no longer permitted on the beach but there are plenty of local establishments where you can drink if you so desire.

Mission Beach runs from its south end at the San Diego River channel to just north of Belmont Park. It is located just north of downtown San Diego and Ocean Beach. North of Mission Beach turns into Pacific Beach which is a very popular place to live and go out. There is plenty of night life there and many popular eating establishments.

Just north of Pacific Beach is La Jolla which is home to Windandsea , La Jolla Cove and La Jolla Shores beach. Windandsea is known as one of San Diego's best surfing spots and is usually occupied by the most experienced surfers. La Jolla Shores is a great romantic beach to take a stroll on. It is a long scenic beach with great views of La Jolla and the ocean. La Jolla cove is a very small beach and is home to great tide pools and a rocky cave.
If you own a dog there is a great dog beach in Ocean beach which is just south of Mission Beach. There is also surfing and fishing on the pier in addition to local businesses in a very laid back beach community. There is also a more upscale dog beach in Del Mar which is just north of La Jolla.

A great getaway and perfect place for kids is Coronado Island and Beach. It is located just across and south of downtown San Diego. Its beach is known as one of the country's best and its breathtaking views of the ocean and downtown San Diego are sure to impress you. Enjoy clean sand and light waves or ride a bike along the coast to amazing and relaxing scenery.

Further south is Imperial Beach well known for its U.S. Open Sandcastle Competition which is America's largest and longest-running sand castle competition. There is fishing off of the pier and surfing as well as all the other usual activities on the beach.

Depending on what type of atmosphere you are looking for San Diego provides just about every kind of beach for your enjoyment and some of the best in the world. With its year round moderate climate it is a great vacation spot to enjoy any time of year.

Author by Ezine Articles Expert James Harrison

Monday, October 05, 2009

Baby Brands - From Elephantito to Baby Beehinds

When shopping for your little baby it is important to remeber that your baby is has sentive skin and can be very active. So we need to keep various things in mind, mainly what type of matrial is your baby's clothes made of. Since your baby's skin is sensitive, try to buy clothes that are 100% organic. Organic baby products are the best way to go when it comes to caring for the heakth of your toddler or infant (inside & out).

Here is a list of several organic baby brands we recommend checking out when shopping for your baby;



Baby Behinds

Lucky Wang

Erba Organics

Beco baby Carriers